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Z2 Auto

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The Z2 is a newer updated version of the Z1 CPAP machine. The Z2 can reduce sound by 29% and add several new improvements, all while maintaining the same small dimensions and weight. And Z2 is compatible with all Z1 accessories.


  • Free App: Nitelog mobile app works for iOS or Android and syncs directly to your device with Bluetooth
  • Ramp Feature: Allows your pressure to begin at a lower setting and then ramps up over time to let you gradually adjust to CPAP therapy
  • NEW Auto Start/ Stop feature: This means that as soon as you place the mask on your face, therapy will begin once the device senses you’ve begun to breathe. Then, it will stop therapy whenever a large leak is detected, or seconds after you remove your mask.
  • Z-Breathe: A comfort feature that minimizes pressure swings that are typical of sleep therapy due to spikes in pressure when you exhale and the drops you experience during inhalation. This feature has 3 settings so you can choose what works best for you.


  • Can be used with any mask or tubing, so long as it doesn’t have a proprietary connection *
  • 29% percent quieter than the Z1 machine (not even including the Qtube) 
  • Qtube (A $34.95 value !) included for free
  • FAA Compliant
  • HME provides a waterless humidification option. Your Z2 purchase includes a small, portable humidification cartridge called an HME that you can also replenish for only $5.95 ! These are recommended to be purchased weekly, so make sure to stock up!