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Pulse Oximeters

Knowing your pulse is an important bit of information when you are suffering from certain diseases. Your pulse oximeter will measure arterial blood oxygen saturation in a non-invasive manner.
Pulse Oximeter

Your Condition Can Benefit From This Device

If you suffer from asthma, emphysema, COPD, COAD, or any other respiratory disease, you'll want to invest in a pulse oximeter. If you're not feeling well, you can get an accurate reading in just seconds. You'll also need one when you exercise to monitor your pulse.

Have a Cardiac Condition?

If you have a cardiac condition, you can benefit greatly from a pulse oximeter. Monitoring your blood oxygen level can help you determine if you need to aid your breathing with oxygen. You'll feel in control with all the proper equipment as well as help from our therapists to find the perfect brand and style for your needs. Contact Snore No More CPAP Store today for more information.