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You can use your nebulizer to administer medication for asthma, but it also can help with other respiratory illnesses. Your nebulizer administers a higher dose of meds, which is important when you are suffering from an attack. 

Choose From Several Styles

If you primarily use your nebulizer from home, you can invest in an electric style. However, if you leave home a lot, you may want to consider a battery operated version. Can't decide? Choose a model that uses both batteries and electricity too. You'll be able to use it both at home and on the go for your convenience.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

You'll enjoy the fact that you have experts within reach to give you the personal attention you need and answer any questions you may have about nebulizers or other devices. You can also find pulse oximeters and CPAP equipment to help treat sleep apnea. Call Snore No More CPAP Store today to check out our competitive prices on all equipment.